Maxime Augay

Product Designer


The Portable Kitchen Hood

The kitchen hood is a central element for those who like cooking.
I based my project on the fact that there is still a lot of small kitchens that don't have one yet, or in which it is impossible to mount one on the wall. My proposition is a portable kitchen hood that easily fit into tiny spaces, in complement with the small cooking plates.

This project allowed me to think about a new typology of kitchen appliances, from its mechanical conception to a previously unseen aesthetic solution for this kind of object.



Rond-Point is an electrical hub designed to distribute the power supply at 360°. These demands are developing with coworking spaces, where electrical supply is not always adapted to the big tabletops and increasing amount of devices we possess.

The large tray on the top hides the plugs and create a impression of levitation. It can be used to empty your pockets before getting ready to work comfortably.


Digital Memories

Along with my master’s thesis (about the history of Data), I developed a storing system that helps people organizing their most precious personal data. With this project, which is a reaction to mass storage that values quantity instead of quality, I wanted to bring back this enthousiasm to collect meaningful information about our personal lives.

These little flash drives, available from 8 to 64 GB, restaures a certain degree of materiality of the information -as a photo album would do- and keep it physically safe, away from the Cloud.

These units are tidied up inside an album-like case, to visually organize them and prevent the user from losing it.



For this project I wanted to come up with a modular multiplug that is meant to put an end to the mess related with plugs. In multicultural environments like international schools or universities, or when you are an expatriate, you need to use plenty of adaptors, and transformers in order to use your devices.

The units combine with each other, and can rotate to avoid transformers to cover the free plugs. Each type of plug has its own unit, as well as a USB hub to charge devices. The cable unit integrate an on/off switch, and also a fuse to protect the devices against overvoltage.


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Maxime Augay
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